Criminal Defense Attorneys in South Carolina


Crime is arguably the biggest vice in the world and is common among all countries. This is despite the fact that the levels of crime differ from one country to the other. It is therefore not surprising that most cases prosecuted in courts of law all around the world are usually related to crime. It is these reasons that have made criminal law to be one of the most popular branches of law all over the world. Abundance of crime cases has also influenced most students of law to specialize in criminal law so as to maximize on the available job opportunities.


Criminal defense attorneys from usually belong to two distinct categories. First of all there are those who are employed by the government who are usually referred to as public defense attorneys. These lawyers are usually on government payrolls and work on directions from the government. They represent clients who may not afford services of an attorney on behalf of the government. The second group of criminal defense attorneys is private criminal defense attorneys. These are lawyers who run private law firms and handle criminal cases on behalf of clients.


It is good to note that both public defense attorneys and private attorneys follow the same procedures in handling a criminal case. In the city of Columbia, South Carolina for instance, criminal defense attorneys usually do superficial investigations of their own so as to be able to prosecute the matters in court. This they usually do with precision so as to have a high case winning rating. This is important since clients check success rates in handling cases when deciding the best law firm to approach for representation in court.


One of the common criminal cases in Columbia, South Carolina is what is called Driving under Influence (D.U.I). One can only be left to speculate on what leads to the increase in such criminal cases although a close analysis of the city shows that it is home to very many bars and restaurants. D.U.I attorneys in South Carolina are mostly private defense attorneys. They usually run law firms that specialize on D.U.I cases, from inception to appearance in court. The best South Carolina criminal lawyers usually have D.U.I cases as one of the cases they handle. Know more about Michael Jeffcoat Law.


Both public and private attorneys usually handle cases by carrying out preliminary investigations of their own. This is regardless of the fact that the complainants usually file for investigations through the office of public prosecution. The wisdom therein is in establishing merits of the case independent of the investigating authority so as to be able to counter any submissions in a court of law.You can also learn more about criminal defense attorneys by checking out the post at